Call for Participation


2nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on
Distributed Smart Cameras (ICDSC-08)

September 7-11, 2008
Stanford University, California, USA

Invited Entrepreneur Talk: Wednesday, September 10

16:50 - 17:30 Hewlett 201

Matt Bell, Founder of Reactrix
The Reactrix Story: Vision, Interface, and Product

Matt Bell, Founder of Reactrix

The Reactrix Story: Vision, Interface, and Product

Reactrix has pioneered the use of computer vision to create commercial interactive displays for use in public settings. This talk covers the computer vision and interface technologies developed by Reactrix as well as the experience of starting a computer vision-based business. Reactrix currently has two products on the market - STEPscape, a floor-projected interactive display that utilizes a 2D vision system, and WAVEscape, a wall-mounted flat panel TV that allows gesture-based interaction via a 3D vision system. Both systems have had to reliably operate unsupervised in a wide variety of ambient lighting conditions and with a wide variety of users. In addition, the user interfaces on the two systems have had to be both immediately self-evident and reliable, such that users can begin using the displays immediately with no training or tutorials. Finally, Reactrix has had to overcome significant challenges in order to gain market acceptance in an industry that is reluctant to embrace new technologies. This talk provides an overview of how problems were solved in each of these areas, with lessons that are potentially applicable to other vision startups.

Speaker's Biography
Matt Bell, Chief Scientist & Founder Reactrix founder Matt Bell invented the company's core technology as an art project. After observing the fascination and hours of fun it inspired at a party, he was determined to bring the experience to a larger audience - much larger. He quit his job at Google and launched Reactrix. Bell now leads Reactrix' applied research and advanced product development efforts. He has a keen interest in the uses of computer visioning, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as in developing creative new methods of human-computer interaction. At Google, Bell was a software engineer specializing in using machine learning techniques to improve search engine quality. He also has conducted published research at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.